Maintained sustainable gardens, greenhouses and wild plants produce fresh, organic fruits and vegetables on the property.  Nestled amongst the operations of the ranch, you can wander freely through the gardens or visit the sheep and cattle as they graze in their pastures.


Several variety of hops are being added to the foods that are currently grown, which will be used in support of our on-site brewery, Corcovado Brewing.  The honey-bee farm is expanding to provide honey for our Pincoya - Witbier and the wild calafate bushes that are found in abundance around the property provide the berries used in our Volvere - Calafate Ale.

The work on the farm is an effort to continue what Doug and Kristine Tompkins started years ago on this same property.  By following in their footsteps we hope to improve the stay of our guests with a true farm to table experience.